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07/08/18 01:38 PM #763    


Ruth Garcia (Osborne-Hess)

After Aug 11th works best for Jim and me. We enjoyed gathering with classmates in June. It's always a good time.  Until next time, a few pictures:

07/08/18 01:38 PM #764    


Ruth Garcia (Osborne-Hess)

07/08/18 01:39 PM #765    


Ruth Garcia (Osborne-Hess)

07/08/18 01:41 PM #766    


Ruth Garcia (Osborne-Hess)

08/09/18 05:23 PM #767    


J. D. Webster

Prayers for Charles and Judy. Charles, get well soon dude! God didn't accept your last attempt at checking out so you'll just have to put up with your friends that much longer! Good luck on your surgery on Monday!

Classmates - Charles C. had a cardiac arrest the other day. Was revived, goes into surgery on Monday!


08/20/18 09:03 AM #768    


J. D. Webster

Hey Everybody!

Time to start thinking about our 45 year reunion for 2019! Be on the look out for emails from this class site with survey questions on what, when, where that may be coming down line!

George Hamilton is chairing the committee. Contact him if you would like to help!

256-348-5181 is his cell.




08/23/18 07:36 PM #769    


Jim Record


A Coach John Childress Update - Wednesday Night 7:10- ok Friends and Prayer warriors. Coach is in a fight right now.  The family had to make the decision to have a PEG tube inserted into his stomach.  It will be done Friday and this is needed so his body does not shut down. He has to get nutrients in his body as he has not eaten in 7 days.  But they also have to take him off his blood thinners in order for this surgery.  We need NO MORE Strokes over the next 48 hours.  We still continue to believe Ole Coach has that fight in him and I know you do too!

09/17/18 10:44 AM #770    


J. D. Webster

Schoolmate Al Smith (Class of 72?) appears to have departed this earth for the next life today. See Grissom class forums on FB. 


09/19/18 02:24 PM #771    

Debbie Dennis (Kavossi)

I am so sorry to hear about Al Smith passing away. I think he was class of 74 I looked him up in the yearbook. I never knew him well but, knew of him . Another Tiger lost. Sending prayers to his loved ones and family.


09/19/18 08:09 PM #772    


George Hamilton

Obit link for Al:


12/04/18 08:42 AM #773    


J. D. Webster

Hello Fellow Super Class of 1974 Schoolmates!

We are starting to organize the 45 year Reunion of our class. To wit, there is a quick 13 question Reunion survey (when, where, what questions) on this web site that we would appreciate your feedback on ASAP.

You can find its link on the main page, in the left sidebar, uppermost item.

Thanks in advance for your inputs!


J.D. Webster - Enslaved assistant!

George Hamilton - Reunion Committee Chair

03/01/19 09:21 AM #774    


J. D. Webster

From George Hamilton - Reunion Committee Chair:

45th Reunion update: Venue and date are selected, down payment made, now for more decisions.

We'll gather on Saturday, July 27th, 2019 at the Monte Sano Lodge, in Monte Sano State Park. We have the Lodge from 10 AM to 10 PM, and it comes with tables, chairs and WiFi. Maybe Steve Williams (New Zealand), Barney Gilewitz (Thailand) or other far flung classmates will call in. Next decision is a caterer, and menu.

Note that we can have beer, wine or champagne and pour it ourselves, however if we want distilled spirits we must pay a "licensed server".

If anyone knows how to contact David "Catfish" Campbell, please let him know I'd like to talk to him as he has records from the 60th birthday bash.

If anyone nearby would like to visit the facility, we can do that most any weekday between 8 AM & 4 PM.

We need a decorations committee, and they might chose to do a visit.

Let's do this!

03/02/19 12:46 PM #775    

Karen Johnston (Lewis Dunning)

Can Steve Cannerossi get licensed as a server? Or maybe he knows someone. 

03/30/19 09:58 PM #776    


J. D. Webster

45 Year Reunion Update

People are coming forward to make this happen. We will be needing more help soon.

George Hamilton is chairing the reunion committee.

He has secured the Monte Sano lodge property from 10AM to 10PM Saturday 27 July for the main event.

We will also be holding a Friday Night meed and greet similar to what we did on the 40th.

Rick Shrout is providing his usual sound advice and handling the funds. We have placed the deposit to hold Monte Sano Lodge.

David "Catfish Campbell has joined the committee and is coordinating hotel rooms.

Dan Pline has stepped foward and will be helping us plan and organize the Saturday events.

I am now beating the bushes to get volunteers to help us organize our Friday and Saturday gatherings.

What we need:

A. A group of people to help plan out and contract the catering for Saturday night. (4 people)

B. A group of people to organize and set up the Saturday open Tiger Spirit Picnic. (6 people)

C. A team of people to handle the set up and decorations for Saturday night. (6 to 10 people).

Current Reunion Committee:

George Hamilton / Rick Shrout / David Campbell / Dan Pline / J.D. Webster.

(we need females!)





03/31/19 04:03 PM #777    

Karen Johnston (Lewis Dunning)

I am sooo excited we are doing thid and up on MonteSano

I would like to be on the committee and do whatever I can from a distance and then in the day or two begore. I will plan to be in Huntsville that whole week. 

04/01/19 12:42 PM #778    


J. D. Webster

Thanks to Sharon Marlowe and Karen Johnston Lewis Dunning for volunteering to join the Reunion committee!

Still looking for more people to help organize the Saturday events.



04/02/19 11:01 AM #779    


Sharon Dickinson (Marlowe)

Come on classmates have fun with us on this committee! Contact me too (some of you know who I'm talking about! You get a chance to connect with alot of old friends and make new ones!!!😁🎓❤

04/05/19 01:27 PM #780    


Ruth Garcia (Osborne-Hess)

Count me in to help with the 45th Class Reunion!  We are all very busy and we're all getting old...oops I meant, we're not getting any younger. So let's make this reunion even better than the last!  

04/08/19 03:48 PM #781    


J. D. Webster

45 year Class Reunion Committee

I see Ruth has graciously volunteered to help and WE ACCEPT!

With Ruth we now have the desired planning committee of four males and four females to plan the reunion.

Here is the Reunion Committee Members

Chair Person: George Hamilton

Treasurer and reunion Godfather: Rick Shrout

Working Committee members

George Hamilton <<< fearless leader

J.D. Webster <<< topics & communications coordinator

Dan Pline

David "Catfish" Campbell

Sharon Dickinson Marlowe

Jeana Sowell Boggs

Karen Johnston L. Dunning

Ruth Garcia Osborne-Hess

Thanks all of you for volunteering. Expect flood of emails in about a week.

JD Webster


04/09/19 09:06 AM #782    


Vance Moore

Wish came true - I'm off the Appalachian Trail early and will be at the Reunion with Helen!




04/13/19 04:02 PM #783    


J. D. Webster

Reunion Committee Peoples

Hey all reunion committee volunteers (gang of eight), I just sent a group email to everyone. If you don't see it right away, please check your spam filters and reply.



05/14/19 08:04 AM #784    

Cari Young (Sauer)

Putting date on calendar. Have a sunshiney day.

Jeff Lee passed away last week. Bruce's brother. Such a loving family.


05/25/19 12:51 AM #785    


J. D. Webster

Hey Everyone,

As part of the reunion planning and committee activities, Ruth Garcia Osborne-Hess is collecting digital photos from all classmates to be run during the reunion on a big screen TV.

So if you have any old photos from you HS to your present days with classmates that you want to share, please email them in digital form (jpeg, jpg, or png) format.

Her email is:

Thanks all


05/26/19 12:36 AM #786    


J. D. Webster

Hey everybody,

Ruth sent me this addition:


"if you have photos to share, please email Ruth at and she'll respond with a link to the Dropbox where you can upload the photos yourself!" 

Thanks and enjoy your holiday weekend!

06/11/19 10:26 PM #787    


J. D. Webster

45 Year Reunion Update:

Hello Tigers, From the planning committee:

Ruth, Jeana, Sharon, Karen, Rick, David, Dan, J.D. and George!

Here is the current schedule of events.

The official schedule of events:
Friday, 26 July, Meet & Greet with Cocktails - 7pm to 11pm / Paid event
Saturday 27 July, New School Tour - 930am to 1030am / Free event
Saturday 27 July, all class Picnic - 11am to 2pm / Free event
Saturday 27 July, Evening Catered Social with Hors d’oeuvres and drinks. 530pm to 930pm / Paid event
Rick is putting together the preregistration information. You will soon be able to pay in advance here on this website. Save $10.00 per person for preregistration.

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