Additional West End game info
Posted Monday, June 2, 2014 10:39 PM

  Our football team was exceptional.  Talented players and true teamwork were the driving force for our success.  One side note has been omitted from that incredible season and was a partial reason for our defeat of West End in the semi-finals, at least in my opinion.  Sure John Cochrin's heart attack inducing bobble catch, as well as a stellar defense, was the main reason we won but most forget the mental intimidation factor that we presented to the opposing team.

A tradition had been created, I don't know by whom and I am pretty sure it ended when we graduated, that one student would be selected to identify those who frequently napped during class. That individual was me.  Upon identification, a mark would be placed upon that individual designating him, (for some reason girls never slept in class), a sleeper.  The mark would be bright red fingernail polish on as many nails as could be safely administered without discovery. Having identified and practiced for many weeks and sometimes under extreme conditions, I decided to expand the practice not only to school sleepers but bus riding football players. 

Birmingham was the destination and a bus was our transportation.  The revelry of the adventure soon subsided and without much to keep ones attention along the road, a few players decided to rest their weary eyes.  The nail polish was quickly unholstered and the applications began.  Success became apparent immediately for some unlucky victims had entire hands adorned.  That success turned into near disaster after arriving at the hotel in Birmingham. Some unlucky victim, noticing his decorated fingers, reported the offence and offender to Coach Brown.  Upon intense interrogation, water boarding was contemplated, I confessed.  The punishment was administered in a like manner as the previous victims, but only on one hand.  Astutely knowing the drying properties of nail polish, I left the interrogation room and proceeded to the nearest restroom, where all misguided polish was removed. It was too late for several others for nothing short of nail polish remover was going to be effective.

So we are back to the game.  West End, a truly tough team in all aspects, lines up against the Grissom Tigers.  As their players are contemplating their blocking or tackling assignments they notice several of our players are sporting red fingernails.  The presage (omen) had been set and their minds confused.  Instead of concentrating on their assignments, we were able to confuse and intimidate, ultimately winning the game.  Of course John's catch was the ultimate highpoint but I would like to think my foresight into opponents psyche aided in our victory.