45 Year Class Reunion Survey

Hello Everybody!

Well 2019 is nigh upon us and the mini-planning team for our 45 Year class Reunion has kicked into GEAR! This year Geoge Hamilton is chairing the committee and I'm helping, that's it, the two of us for now. We'll need some more help before long.

But first, we want to get an inkling of what you'd like to do for the 45 year reunion.  So please help us by filling out this survey ASAP.  We will consider the inputs of those who respond and make our best judgements from there. If you don't participate, don't whine please when we set dates and make plans.

Thanks so Much!

J.D. Webster

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1)   * About what time of year would you like our reunion to occur (dodging football season is a goal)?

  Late Spring, End of April through Early June
  Early Summer, late May to middle of June
  High Summer, Late June to End of August
  Early September
2)   * General Type of Reunion gathering desired?

  Formal and dressy
  Casual Nice, slacks, pantsuits or dresses
  Casual Relaxed, jeans or as desired
  Slovenly booze fest with jello wrestling pit
3)   * Days of Reunion Activities?

  One afternoon or night only, picnic or dinner event, FRI or SAT
  Two day event, Friday cocktail, Saturday main event
  Standard 3 day, as above with Sunday Brunch
  Something different? Camp out, cruise ship? Elaborate below please
4)   * Main event FOOD & Drink Desires?

  Fully catered, with cash bar (most expensive option)
  Hors d'oeuvres, snacks and cash bar (expensive)
  Restaurant locale, order your own
  Non food event, drinks only (cash bar)
  Pizza and Beer fest
  No food or drink provided, Bring your own (cheapest)
5)   * Main Event Music Desires?

  Live Band with DJ (most expensive) with dance floor
  DJ as before, with recorded music with dance floor
  Mild background music, No dancing, mingling only
  Karoeka Machine with DJ
  No music this time
6)   * Main Event Local Venue Options?

  Monte Santo Lodge (more pricey)
  Campus 805 (very noisy)
  Reserved Banquet room in Restaurant (size & noise limits)
  Hotel or Civic Center Room (pricey)
  Outdoor kind of place, park or gardens
  Country Club rental as before
  Other, please elaborate ideas below
7)   * How Much would you like to pay to attend main event per person? More money = nicer event possibilities.

  $75 to $100 (upper end limit, not our goal)
  $50 to $74 (worked last time)
  $35 to $49 (works for casual non formal stuff)
  $20 to $34
  Make it free (Party at George's House
8)   * Main Event National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, Benediction

9)   * Door Prize Raffles?

10)   * Games or Skits?

  At least one, if short and funny
  No thanks, let's just get together
  traditional picnic games, egg toss, etc... one or two?
  We're too old
11)   * Are you planning to make this one, Heaven willing?

  Yes, Love these things
  No, aiming for 50 year
  Undecided at this point for this one
  Maybe, if I can, depends on scheduling (please indicate when is best)
12)   * Will you need a hotel?

13)   Suggestions, Comments, Ideas?